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Executive Search e-book

The Changing Face of Executive Search

A Profession Responding to Crisis


In our introduction to this e-book last year we said “Agility has Arrived”. Well thank goodness that it did. Who would have imagined just a few weeks after we produced last year’s e-book that we would be facing a global health crisis and the economic ramifications that it has brought. As we started 2021 the majority of the developed and developing economies around the world were in the grips of a second wave of coronavirus in which infections and death rates dwarfed what happened between
March and June last year.

Notwithstanding the fact that Victoria had its own crisis and several months of severe lockdown, Australia and the Australian economy has weathered the health crisis and the economic impact better than expected, at least for now. As we speak with the organisations that we work with we frequently hear the words “optimism” and “uncertainty” in the same conversations. It seems that organisations have entered 2021 with a strong will to recover and thrive with the realistic perspective that things can change very quickly.

As the world changed in 2020, our regular articles on how executive search was being affected continued to be published and we have included a selection of those in this e-book. We hope you like the collection and look forward to reporting on more change in this new decade.


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