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Executive Search e-book

Pandemic, Policy, Putin Executive Search

Turmoil, Tempests and Transformation

Once again, we publish as an e-book a selection of our blog articles on executive search from the last 12 months. This year there was a difference, we waited. To borrow once again from William Shakespeare “The game’s afoot”. The origin of this phrase, perhaps appropriately, comes from King Henry V’s rousing speech before leading his men into battle at Agincourt. Tragically, one can almost imagine, at least metaphorically, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy making the same call to Ukrainians.Our world is being changed by the impacts of climate change, the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, fundamental rethinking of how white-collar workers in particular will work and now a tragic conflict in Europe which is having significant impacts on how organisations do business globally.

There has rarely been such a time of challenge for executive leaders as they are experiencing today. Here is a brief summary of how we discussed executive search in some of our blogs during the last year.

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