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Healthcare is a global industry, perhaps one of the most mobile workforces on the planet. The industry demands best of breed talent, not just in nursing, physicians and specialists but also in management, administration and IT.

 Working with 1st Executive and NPA Worldwide is like having a custom built global recruitment panel. One of our executives will be a constant account manager for all of your roles and will share these with our network specialists from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Asia or even globally to source the best talent for you.

During the last year the NPAworldwide Healthcare specialists have filled roles for CEO’s, Clinical Operations, Sleep Therapists, Director of Rehab, Trauma Nurses, Lab Technicians and Veterinarians as well as a host of executive and non-clinical specialist roles.


We will meet all of your healthcare recruitment needs through our robust recruitment processes and intimate contacts within the healthcare industry. These allow us to provide you with the best medical professionals available, including allied healthcare professionals!

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Guarantees can be invoked when a new hire leaves - for any reason!

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