tailored recruitment

custom by design

Successful recruitment outcomes are achieved when the approach is tailored to the need. Of course there are common elements, but focusing on the specific outcome required, rather than a bum on a seat creates competitive advantage - isn't that why you have people in the first place?

Custom Elements:

  • Fees and guarantee periods based on value
  • Assessments that shape our hire/do not hire recommendations
  • A process that you share in to reduce "the risk of wrong"
  • From in depth Executive Search to volume candidates for assessment centres
  • Interview guides for you as well as our consultants
  • Sourcing from around the corner, or around the world
  • Access to candidate lists and market knowledge of 500 partners on 6 continents...
  • ...And our partners are owners not BDM's
  • Use of world's best technology
  • All through a single point of contact
  • A preparedness to challenge your thinking


Two case studies

1. san francisco - melbourne - tokyo

Perhaps the best recent example of how our network operates. A corporate client in San Francisco, with a large subsidiary in Tokyo needed a senior bi-lingual finance executive. We researched and identified passive candidates  sourced and placed from Melbourne and she was in Tokyo in less than a month. 

2. 50 cabin crew in under 4 weeks - over christmas

Tiger Airways received the go ahead to source 50 cabin crew for its new Brisbane base less than 4 weeks before training was to commence and Christmas was right in the middle of the 4 weeks. Project completed in full and on time..  
  • Semi-automated process
  • Recruitment video and social campaign produced
  • 2500 candidates processed
  • 300+ graduated to assessment centres
  • Online completion and delivery of pre-employment documents


1st Executive Guarantee 

Guarantees can be invoked when a new hire leaves - for any reason!

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