the talent to protect you

custom by design

High profile cybersecurity breaches are becoming more commonplace, they are daily news occurrences. More and more organisations are recognising the need to hire the right talent t protect themselves.

The code you need:

  • Our own network's global cyber security expert search partner
  • Access to global talent pools through commerce and tertiary institutions
  • Access globally to top level IT graduates ripe for cyber security training
  • Case histories and global clients - NATO among them
  • On tap immigration and employer of record services if required
  • Experience in space, defence, bio-tech
  • Deep best practice processes


global solution

the threat is global

At 1st Executive, we have an only the best will do. Consequently, our global cyber security talent sourcing expert is Tim Lane from the UK. We don't care that Tim is the UK, we figured that if he can service NATO with cyber security talent, we'd be hard pressed to do better. After all, hackers can be anywhere and we just want you to have the best talent. Brief us, we;ll rely on Tim.


1st Executive Guarantee 

Guarantees can be invoked when a new hire leaves - for any reason!

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