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Action Based Blended Learning Courses

Online Learning

address your real issues as you learn

Congratulations on electing to kick start your business learning with one of our online courses from Mindshop International. We are sure that once you have completed one, you will want to do more.


Learn Faster and deeper 



The Growth Hubs and Coaching option provides you with the opportunity to meet with like-minded people in business every quarter to workshop many of the tools and techniques that you will be learning on your courses. This may be of particular interest were your employer is funding your learning and development and sees benefit in you learning from and networking with other business leaders.

Each workshop will pick up on a current business issue and identify how Mindshop tools can be applied to the issue. In addition the group will also spend a little time working on the challenges and opportunities presented by individual participants on a rotational basis. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of other businesses as well as have others contribute to the improvement of yours.

All online courses are priced at $500 plus GST and provide you with unlimited access to the online course regardless of how take to complete it. Learn at your own pace 



Both 1st Executive principals, Andrew Thoseby and Suzanne Whitmarsh are accredited Mindshop facilitators and have years of experience working with businesses large and small and applying the range of skills and tools that you will be learning to their clients' businesses.