performance needs to be managed

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Performance needs to be managed, and we are talking about the kind of performance that liberates people and organisations by supporting the conversion of high potential into high performance.

To attain peak performance:

  • Engage your team with your organisation's mission in a meaningful way
  • Be clear about what is expected and needed and why
  • Understand the range of soft competencies required
  • Know what behaviours for competencies and values actually look like
  • Work with the team frequently on performance and stay on track
  • Create position descriptions that transform roles and responsibilities
  • Develop perfect objectives/KPI's that people relate to
  • Share the journey with your team
  • And, where merited, take performance management online


alignment is golden

"If they don't know where they are going they won't know how to get there"

Aligning the work of every individual with the mission of the enterprise is fundamental to success. If you make sure that people clearly understand their place in the plan, their contribution to delivering that plan will improve dramatically. Strategy maps, workforce plans, clearly defined strategies, priorities, goals and themes at an organisational level create the framework for people to thrive. It is people that will deliver the business plan.

Of course, there is the simple side benefit - alignment reduces waste by as much as 20%.

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