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The facts. Competency based interviews do produce better hiring results. The trouble is that they only increase your chances of making a successful hire to about 56%.  Adding a quality psychometric assessment, improves that overall  success potential to nearer 80%. Not only that, you will also get a much clearer picture of the work preferences of the candidate when you do hire them. Not doing psychometric assessments reduces the validity of your hiring decisions (where validity is successful performance in a role 12 months after commencement).  We also use assessments extensively in leadership and professional development.

What we do:

  • Agree the competencies you need (over and above skills and experience)
  • Map these to a framework we can interview and test against them
  • Provide you with an interview guide for your shortlist
  • Correlate our interviews, your interviews and assessment results to target reference questions

which assessment?

use the science

We have one simple principle. We only us statistically verifiable psychometric assessments! (Many common tools CAN NOT measure traits across groups of people so there is no external benchmark on many widely used reports). We are accredited in our preferred tools from Saville Assessments and SPQGold. We are also accredited in Genesys and DISC (we do not use DISC for recruitment)

Saville Assessments include:

  • Broad range of screening tools
  • Broad range of Aptitude & Reasoning tests 
  • Wave Professional Styles
  • Wave Focus Styles
  • Leadership Impact
  • Team Roles
  • Entrepreneurship

Other Assessments Include:

  • SPQGold - Sales Call Reluctance
  • DISC Behavioural Profiles
  • Career Anchors
  • PaQS Safety Assessments


1st Executive Guarantee 

Guarantees can be invoked when a new hire leaves - for any reason!

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