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The Post-Pandemic World of Key Talent Sourcing Disciplines

Being part of NPAworldwide, as well as having other private networks internationally, provides a unique perspective on the...
22 November, 2022 /

Executive Search and Recruitment – 6 Differentiators

There is a great deal of commentary around about the difference between Executive Search and Recruitment. While much of this is...
13 April, 2021 /

The 5 Phases of a High Performing Leader

“A November 2020 McKinsey article entitled ‘Closing the capability gap in the time of COVID 19 draws attention to an evolved,...
24 March, 2021 /

Executive Search and Finding Potential

We recently identified in a blog piece five external factors that would influence Executive Search in 2021. What is clear today...
22 February, 2021 /

The Big 5 for Executive Search in 2021

For the 1st time in almost 10 months any reference to the global pandemic needs to be in passing as we consider the big issues...
27 January, 2021 /

Executive Search – Is it Still International?

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has affected international travel and international work. It does, however, seem that...
25 May, 2020 /