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19 Mar 2019 Business Leader Insights - "the training we need"

Leadership, Strategy and Culture are the top professional development needs for Business Leaders in 2019 - according to.....Business Leaders themselves. 

The information is part of an overall report, - "Business Leader Insights for Success - The Changing Leadership Landscape" published by Mindshop International. 1st Executive principals are accredited Mindshop Facilitators.

99% of Business Leaders feel that they need themselves and their leadership teams to work on Leadership Capability annually, to deal with the changing landscape, while strategy development and building strong cultures rated very highly.

Of course Leadership development has many aspects - driving innovation, addressing market and industry trends, empowerment, high performance growth, and community impact are just a  few. 

Business Leaders training needs are changingIn our work, using the Mindshop methods, tools and online platform, we have identified that blended learning is the only way to embed new habits among leaders. Learning by seeing (video), by reading and by doing all work together combine to create the ultimate leadership development outcomes.

Perhaps even more importantly, the work is done on existing business issues. This means that business problems and challenges are sold, opportunities realised and the traditional problem of the allocation of that scarcest of resources, management time, is not relegated to a nice to do because better problem skills are developed while solving real challenges.