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Our Second 21st

I am sure we can all remember turning 21. Officially it was a coming-of-age and most of us would look forward to a life and...
11 March, 2021 /

The Big 5 for Executive Search in 2021

For the 1st time in almost 10 months any reference to the global pandemic needs to be in passing as we consider the big issues...
27 January, 2021 /

Australia At Work During Lockdown

We’ve been publishing our Australia at Work monthly infographics for a few years now and while there are always little movements...
28 October, 2020 /

Data? Insight? Or Both? – New Questions for Executive Search

I have just read an article in the UK edition of “HRD – the HR Director” which says:
29 July, 2020 /

Executive Search – Is it Still International?

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has affected international travel and international work. It does, however, seem that...
25 May, 2020 /

Can SWOT be your Saviour?

At times like this, strategic planning may be looked on whimsically as something that we used to do. However, all that has...
18 May, 2020 /