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Why Change Lacks Traction

We know that roughly 30% of change programs succeed, yet the best organisations achieve success rates approaching 80%. Has your organisation delivered on 3 out of 10 or 8 out of 10 of recent change initiatives, or somewhere in between?

All around us we observe how Executives have transitioned from working in a “deep attention” mode to one of “hyper attention” as they are bombarded with information every day.  As that information has become increasingly complex, traditional learning and planning models are actually creating barriers to growth. The leading organisations understand what is driving change success and what is holding it back. CEO’s have told us that the most sought after Executives are the ones who learn while doing, but are still able to make good decisions and implement clear strategy.

Recent research shows that change success is driven by Readiness, Capability, and Beliefs – we’ll talk more about that in future posts but we know that blended learning is the only way for executives to learn, and do, at the same time. Learning programs need to work on the issues the business faces, there and then.

Traditional learning and development models do not move as quickly as the business changes and can’t keep up with the rate at which Executives need to develop strategy, solve problems and implement solutions themselves and with their teams

Dr Eduardo Salas says “by the time you go back to your job, you’ve lost 90% of what you’ve learned in training. If you don’t use the skills very quickly, you will have big decay.”

Blended learning addresses this problem, and business issues in real time. Group work, supported online with short modules allows teams to work proactively on business challenges today. On demand, just in time learning, plays in some ways to “hyper attention” but evolves back towards “deeper attention” as common problem solving approaches are developed.

At 1st Executive we have a platform to facilitate this learning and the feedback from clients has been exceptional all over the world. See https://1stexecutive.com.au/develop-leaders/ or call us on 03 8617 8120 for more information.

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